You deserve tailored, engaging copy that’s fueled by…..

PASSION… Viewing challenges as opportunities to create the extraordinary
out of the ordinary, I’m thrilled to be doing exactly what I’m doing.

PERSPECTIVE… Extended living, working, and traveling on six continents
have broadened a world view that immigrant grandparents had triggered
a fascination for from first breaths. Professional and personal pursuits
have spanned cultures, subcultures, languages, and disciplines.
Personal diversions along the professional path have further honed
observation skills and deepened insight from 8 months at sea as
a deckhand, to playing Amanda in “The Glass Menagerie”, to survival
camping, to bargaining in Turkish for a kilim carpet.

PERSISTENCE… Accomplishing or surpassing intended tasks and
goals, getting the job done right by going the extra mile are all part
of a work ethic that honors personal and professional commitment.
Never excuses…and as many variations of “Plan B” as it takes.

Teaching/Administrative Background:

  • M.Ed / Ed Admin—-MA / Education—–BA / French—Cert/Special Ed
  • Experience in K-12 & Adult Education/Training in USA, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Beirut, Guyana and Ghana
  • Administration, Special Education & French Immersion
  • International Baccalaureate & IGCSE French
  • Music Programming & Volunteer Teaching

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▪B2B Copywriting ▪White Papers
▪Case Studies ▪Internet Research
▪Email Copy ▪Writing for the Health Market
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